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Ocean OASIS Parfum Lavender, Passionfruit and Plumeria

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Transport yourself to an Ocean Oasis with our enchanting perfume.
Immerse your senses in a delicate blend of lavender and passion fruit.
Experience a refreshing burst of tropical vibes with the essence of plumeria.
Our fragrance captures the essence of the ocean breeze and sun-kissed beaches.
Escape to a serene paradise with each spritz of Ocean Oasis.
Let the calming lavender notes relax your mind and uplift your spirit.
The vibrant passion fruit adds a touch of exotic allure to the fragrance.
The sweet and floral aroma of plumeria evokes images of tropical gardens.
Indulge in a scent that embodies tranquility, beauty, and elegance.
Ocean Oasis perfume is perfect for those seeking a sensory escape.
Beauty note:
If we had to choose only one reason to love this Ocean oasis it’d be the fact that it gives health-conscious individuals a safe, natural and beautifully scented alternative to synthetic chemicals when applying to your skin. When used in this fashion, you reap the benefits of both its fragrance-beauty and skin-soothing, Pure, healthy ingredients properties.
 Clean, soothing , Youthful, Tropical allure
Ingredients List: 
Organic grape-seed Alcohol

maracujá (passionfruit) flower, plumeria petals  Lavandula (Angustifolia ) flower , Natural color


How to use:
Wear during the day to vigor your sense of adventure, then transition into an evening of Love + free - spirit, The can be mist on neck, clothes, hair and the hand wrist.
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Ocean OASIS Parfum Lavender, Passionfruit and Plumeria
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