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Wild Jojoba night serum

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"Experience the wonders of our wild Jojoba night serum, promising clear, smooth, and radiant skin. Pair with the Earthy Patchouli & tea tree for a good night's sleep. The Guava ingredient helps clear away pimples and deeply hydrate dry, sensitive skin types, leaving you with a radiant dewy complexion."

Ingredient's list:
Organic Wild Jojoba oils Organic Guava extract 
Organic Patchouli, Organic tea Tree oil

To use the Jojoba night serum, follow these simple steps:

1. After cleansing your face, take a small amount of the serum. 

2. Gently massage it into your face using upward circular motions.

3. Let the serum absorb into your skin.

4. Relax and enjoy a restful night's sleep with the serum on your face, allowing it to work its magic overnight.


Remember to patch test before first use to ensure there are no adverse reactions, and avoid contact with eyes. Use every time for a g good esult, 

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Wild Jojoba night serum
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